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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Can you believe it? First, it was the Komiks Congress now there's another one.

Not to be outdone by the "traditional" komiks personalities of yesteryear, today's "globalized" comics creators of the American and Japanese "inspired" variety have momentarily joined hands and decided to put up a Yes, you read it here first: a FILIPINO KOMIKS LOVAPALOOZA EVENT.

Yesiree. Those wacky guys at the "indie" globalized front are indeed joining the "komiks congress" bandwagon. Like biscuits who are brown outside but really white inside, who outwardly profess their "love" for Filipino Komiks yet do something else entirely, these characters have finally come up with a foolproof marketing plan.

Anyway, these guys (yes, women are minority in this group) have concocted this new "event" to once and for all "revive" the local komiks industry. How, you may ask? And the mind-boggling, high concept, answer is a public display of "LOVE" for Filipino Komiks.

Yes, you read right. All you need is "love" in order to revive a dead (or sleeping) industry. That is why all those Pinoy Komiks enthusiasts and collector/speculators who have with them copies of genuine, honest to goodness "Filipino Komiks" whether newsprint or xerox, original comics art pages or pambalot sa tinapa, to gather round the Baywalk at Roxas Boulevard, Manila and at the appointed date and hour, to SWOON, SERENADE, EMBRACE, KISS and MAKE LOVE to their beloved comics art pages for the longest period of time possible.

Its called the Filipino Komiks LOVAPALOOZA!

The longest, most passionate display of LOVE wins a year supply of photocopy paper. Yes, you could French Kiss your Komiks and even do tongue. Euphorically explore all positions possible under the sun with your precious Komiks pages beyond those conceived in the revered Kama Sutra. This once in a lifetime event may never happen again except next year. Already negotiations are being readied to make this another Guinness Book of World Records entry!

You could even belly-dance with your Komiks till the wee hours of the morning or just mess around while the sun sets along the baywalk area. Admission is free so long as you are able to bring a copy of your Pilipino komiks to be smooched and banged. There is no limit to the number of copies you could bring either so long as they are all kissed, tongued, licked and fellatioed.

The public-wide kissing event will be followed by a Pilipino Komiks underwear fashion show where top celebrities who are comics enthusiasts and actors who have appeared in Komiks inspired movie and television shows will strut the catwalk wearing nothing but their favorite comics pages as underwear! EEYEW. How do you suppose they get to read them first before you-know-what?

Can you just imagine all those NEO-COMICS being hentaied? Or those so-called "indies" wearing undies? Its going to be wild!

The event will be sponsored by RED BULL, VICTORIA COURT and WINSTON LODGE for those enthusiastic few who can't seem to get enough of the event and want to continue their celebration elsewhere.

Remember the date: APRIL 1, 2007 at the Baywalk, Roxas, Boulevard, Manila. Be there or be square! Make Mine Komiks! And a pox on those who say otherwise.


Anonymous laguna said...

This really happened or is this just sarcasm?? Kissing comics is just weird...

8:34 PM

Blogger aklas isip said...

April fool's, baby. April Fool's.

7:27 PM

Anonymous laguna said...

I feel stupid for falling for it.
haha, good one.

11:28 PM

Anonymous komiks congressman said...

"Loving" those inanimate comics pages, or the very product itself is even weirder.

2:04 PM


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