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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caparas: One, Concerned National Artists: ZERO

The Office of the Solicitor General has already filed its comment on the Supreme Court petition to annul the 2009 National Artist award to Carlo J. Caparas, and it does not look good. The following online article from "Business World" (http://www.bworldonline.com/) was retrieved this date (September 17, 2009) and reproduced herein as follows:


THE RIGHT to choose and appoint National Artists resides in the President based on the art community’s recommendations, the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) said, thus there is nothing irregular in a recent proclamation relating to the controversial issue.

In a comment filed with the Supreme Court, the OSG said the court should dismiss the petition of National Artists seeking to stop the conferment of the award to National Commission on Culture and the Arts Executive Director Cecile Guidote-Alvarez (theater), film director Carlo J. Caparas (visual arts), designer Jose "Pitoy" R. Moreno (fashion design) and architect Francisco T. Mañosa (architecture). The court has issued a stay order on the conferment pending resolution of the case.

The OSG said there is no issue to resolve since the conferment has been formalized done through presidential proclamations issued in June, adding the awarding is only ceremonial.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo "embodies the mandate to mediate between the different, varying and even warring ideas of beauty, art and literature," it said, adding in no way did the President abuse her discretion in naming the new National Artists. — IPP"

See? This is what we mean by these "concerned" artists not protesting Caparas' lack of cinematic or komiks writing excellence way back in 2006 when he was being nominated for the National Artist award. Its called "estoppel" folks. Their earlier negligence and inaction has led others to believe then that Caparas is indeed National Artist material so they work on it (like Manuel Morato's "GUSI" Peace Prize). Now that Caparas bagged the mother of artist awards, can "concerned" artists also rise out of the woodwork and yell "Foul"? Of course not. Who's fault was it? Why have events led to this? Has the "concerned" artists' negligence and inaction in early 2006 have something to do with this? Many think so. Why lay the blame exclusively on these "concerned" artists? Because of their audacious claim that they are the so-called "light" leading the nation to artistic (and political?) enlightenment?

And then we have the OSG comment affirming the awards procedure; upholding the exercise of sound discretion by the President to make such conferment. Well, if anything, everybody knows that the OSG is generally pro-administration. But that's beside the point. Its how you argue and defend your position matters. Here's hoping that the petitioners (concerned national artists) have a more persuasive counter-argument.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well if anything, everybody knows that the OSG is generally pro-administration."

Haha! Siyempre and OSG ay ang opisyal na abogado ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

I know this comment will never see the light of day on your blog since it does not contribute to your self-aggrandizement and glorification.

9:57 AM

Blogger aklas isip said...

Ok. Following your line of reasoning (?) since the OSG is the lawyer of the government, does that mean that its arguments (as stated) have "automatically" no merit? Does this mean that we should disregard it outright? We don't check and inquire if the arguments of the OSG by themselves are sound?

Following your line of reasoning (which is faulty by the way) IF it were the other way around, that is IF the OSG had given arguments that GMA had acted without sound discretion when giving the National Artist award, you would still say that this is without merit on the dumbed-down, oversimplified, yokum reasoning that since it came from the OSG, it is biased as it is the official counsel of the Philippine Republic.

How about trying to see if there is any merit in the argument ITSELF for a change? How about disregarding for the moment WHO made it? If all you ever cared about is the kind of person who's making the argument, then why make arguments in the first place?

Let's make it a personality contest. Let's stop thinking. Let's leave it all up to who crows loudest and who's the more popular, who's the more dramatic, and who's the most "artistic". Is that what you want? An "emotional" contest? Because that's how the so-called "concerned" artists are going about their positon with all their drama and public display of affection.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

10:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that we heard the OSG's comment, ano naman ang mga pro-arguments ng mga national artists o concerned artists sa petisyon nila sa Supreme COurt? Para naman me balance. Any news articles on this that you've found, Aklas?

10:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Haha! Siyempre and OSG ay ang opisyal na abogado ng Republika ng Pilipinas."

Its a scientific fact na ang mga taong madalas gumamit ng kanan o right side ng kanilang utak ay mga emotional, artistic, visual at intuitive people. Ibig sabihin hindi nila madalas ginagamit ang kaliwa o left side ng kanilang utak kung saan matatagpuan ang kanilang analytical problem solving, language, logic at cognitive skills. Salamat at nauunawaan 'nyo ito Aklas.

Mas konti rin ang nacu-cultivate na dendrites at nuerons sa left side ng brain ng mga artistic right brained people dahil sa sobrang focus nila sa "art". Kadalasan din ang kahinaan nila sa pagbabasa, pag-unawa at pag-iisip sa mga bagay na hindi art-based. Emosyon at ka-dramahan kasi ang umiiral sa mga loob nila.

According to Carl Sagan, right-brain abilities are those shared with other animals and left brain skills are those that tend to be more specific to the human species.

Mahina rin ang verbal at written communication skills ng mga right-brained artistic people na nakikita natin sa mala-telegraphic at matipid nilang pagsusulat at kakulangan ng quality sa pagsusulat. Kaya di kataka-taka na mas gusto nilang me kasama pang "performance" ang kanilang mga communication. Kahit matatanda na sila, parang mga teen-ager pa kung magsalita o mag-isip: "you know", "I'm like, ano, ganun na nga, he he."

Mental exercises para sa left side ng brain ang kailangan para ma-correct ang anomaly na ito.


12:09 PM


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